About Us

Crafting Exceptional Spaces: Our Story

Why Associate With Us?

Our designs intend to be aligned with mother earth. Some of the elements that we give prominence during design are Security, Eco-Friendliness, Automation, Renewable Energy, Natural Resources, and Green Concepts.  Our methodology and ideas only increase the utilities and not the cost of the project to a greater extent.

Our Vision

At Design Thoughts Architects, we’re dedicated to redefining architectural excellence. We deliver premium, innovative designs with top-notch materials and technology, setting new standards in the industry. Our goal is clear: to be recognized as leaders in creating exceptional residential and mixeduse projects, earning trust and admiration in the Indian construction market.

Our Mission

To deliver exceptional design solutions that are innovative, high-quality, safe, and reliable and to collaborate with project management companies and architectural firms on large-scale projects. To become the leading technical partner in the construction sector of Karnataka.

Our Values

  • Teamwork and Creativity
  • Innovation, Quality, and Safety
  • Technical Competency
  • Commitment and Professional Approach
  • Long term relationships with all stakeholders

Who About Design Thoughts Architects

Design Thoughts Architects was established in the year 2011 with the aim of providing customized solutions in the architecture and design field. The company has designed numerous small, medium, and large residential and commercial buildings. The company serves different segments like residential, commercial, mixed-use, hospitality to institutional. The company is highly known as a result of its high-quality designed building. The company also contributes in terms of technical know-how and bylaws to its stakeholders from the pre-construction stage to the final construction stage.

The company analyses the unique needs of each client and thereby provides customized solutions at an affordable price. The company is today growing from a small team to a big team. It has gained recognition from builders, individuals, associates, and other stakeholders in the regional market. The company has a customer-centric team that goes extra step to provide 100% customer satisfaction.


Mahantesh Yalameli

Design Thoughts Architects is led by the esteemed architect Mahantesh, boasting over 20 years of experience and a portfolio showcasing design excellence. Mahantesh is a multi-award winner renowned for his innovative and functional designs, with a specialization in residential projects, including villas, bungalows, row houses, villaments, boutique-style apartments, and residential complexes. Under Mahantesh’s leadership, the firm has successfully delivered more than 400+ villas and bungalows, along with 1 million square feet of residential complex construction. Their expertise extends to diverse customer segments, including senior IT consultants, specialists in Medicine (Doctors & Healthcare Industry), NRIs, and business owners globally. Beyond design prowess, Mahantesh brings a wealth of professional knowledge to the table. His deep understanding of Bangalore’s local by-laws proves invaluable to clients, streamlining planning and construction processes while ensuring adherence to regulations and avoiding potential delays. This expertise positions Design Thoughts Architects as a trusted partner, guiding clients seamlessly through every step of the project.